Insulation Removal

Allow an experienced professional to handle the removal of your attic insulation. Many problems can occur if you attempt the removal yourself especially if you don’t have the right protection and expertise. Because most are not aware of the visual signs of potential dangerous insulation materials, one can easily come in contact with asbestos and old fiberglass products which can be fatal if one is not wearing the correct protective equipment. Many times pests or rodents have made a home in your insulation, turning your insulation in to a toxic playground where if moved the dust and fecal matter can cause potential fatal diseases. Another common mistake made when the homeowner attempts to remove blown in insulation is because this type of insulation can be higher than the joist in your ceiling which of course makes it hard to see where one is walking. Inevitably one may want to attempt removing the loose fill or batts but when attempted could step right through ones celling and cause expensive accidental damage.
Attic Cleaning Thousand Oaks can remove your batt insulation. Our process of removing the insulation is always Eco Friendly and done by an experienced professional wearing all organic protective equipment. First our professional will carefully place the insulation in Seventh Generation recycled plastic contractor trash bags and then manually remove it from the attic. Our Eco Friendly removal and disposal of your old and toxic insulations requires an experienced professional in order to avoid any possible dust contamination causing potentially fatal health concerns.
Our eco friendly insulation removal and disposal service starts with the use of an energy efficient custom-designed high-powered vacuum that is connected to a very long hose. A Large filter bag made out of all organic materials is at the end of the hose and collects all dust and debris being suctioned up safely and efficiently. The material is then removed from your home by our professional and will be added into our eco friendly disposal services. With the advanced technology, removing blown in insulation is the safer choice.
Attics can have numerous holes, cracks, and gaps in the walls and ceiling that allow dust and rain water to fill the space. Left alone, these conditions produce mold colonies and invite pests to fill your attic and destroy your insulation. Water in the attic can disintegrate your insulation, making it impossible for your home to be energy efficient. If your experiencing one or a few of these issues or would like peace of mind that you don’t have any of these issues, please call Attic Cleaning Thousand Oaks at 805 744 1012. Attic Cleaning Thousand Oaks offers special eco friendly services that will remove old toxic insulation materials from your attic without disturbing the rest of your home. .