Thousand Oaks Residential/Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Have you ever thought that your indoor air might be dirtier than the outdoor air? Do you see dust flying out of the vents when you turn on your heating/cooling system? 90% of those pollutants that pass through your filter are deposited onto the sides of your ducts and then pushed into the air of your home. These pollutants can include dirt, dust, dander, spores, and many other harmful pollutants. We clean our homes regularly so the surfaces that we can see are taken care of but what about the inside of our ducts? At Attic Cleaning Thousand Oaks we offer eco friendly duct and vent cleaning services you and your family can benefit from. The quality of our services at Attic Cleaning Thousand Oaks is what we focus on.

Mold can be a huge problem and can go undetected for months sometimes years. All mold needs is a stable environment to thrive, and with the dark and humid environment of your ducts, that is a good place for mold to settle. Mold receives its food source from the dirt and the dust passing through your filter and lives in this environment.

So what is the problem? The problem is that the live mold releases spores that travel into the air of your home, which can result in allergic reactions or asthma attacks. Even if the mold is no longer living, it is still able to produce toxins, which can aggravate and cause allergic reactions. If the mold is present for a longer amount of time, we know that this can lead to worse medical symptoms, such as severe allergic and asthmatic reactions.

However the condition of your ducts, no matter how big or how small its always a good time to call Attic Cleaning Thousand Oaks. We always have your health and the health of our environment our number one priority. Call Attic Cleaning Thousand Oaks at 805 744 1012today for your free estimate